Graphic Guidelines

Graphic Guidelines

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“Print-Ready” art
Customer-supplied electronic art is considered “ready” when the artwork is created and delivered to us in a format that we can use without the need for modification. The following guidelines help define what we consider “Print-Ready.”

Getting your art to us
You can use the following options for delivery of your art to us:

  • Physical media such as CD-ROM or DVD-R(W, +)
  • Internet based services such as email, FTP or HighTail (contact us for more info on this). Files must be submitted in zipped or compressed formats

Supplied Art File Formats
Your art must be provided to us in the following Mac or PC format:

  • Adobe PDF
  • Adobe Illustrator CS4 or below
  • Adobe Photoshop CS4 or below
  • Adobe Indesign CS4 or below
  • Adobe Pagemaker CS4 or below
  • Quark Xpress v7 or below
  • Corel Draw V11 or below
  • Freehand

We prefer to receive PDF files with application files, or native files, submitted for backup. Contact us for information on support of other formats.

Bleed Specifications

All artwork must be supplied with a 1/8″ bleed around all sides.

Font Do’s and Don’ts

Do supply us with the fonts you have used in your art. Or, if using PDF or Illustrator, embed all fonts or convert all fonts to outline before saving.
Don’t assign type attributes in your art (e.g., bold, italic, bold italic, etc.). Use instead the correct corresponding font for your style, for example, Helvetica Bold font, NOT Helvetica with bold attribute.
Don’t use multiple master fonts.

Image and Graphics Do’s and Don’ts

Do switch to CMYK mode before saving image or larger graphics art. Please don’t send us RGB images or graphics.
Do save CMYK and Greyscale image art as 300 dpi resolution and line art, or bit-map as 1200 dpi.
Do supply us with linked, placed, or embedded art used in your layout.
Do use EPS or TIFF format.
Do flatten and remove all extra layers before saving your Photoshop file.
Do provide us with either a printed proof or PDF.
Don’t use JPEG format.

Your art will not be considered “Print-Ready” if it does not comply with the above specifications, and could result in delays and/or additional fees.

If you are a first-time client with Think, we strongly recommend a no-charge preflight of your files before final “print ready” artwork is submitted.

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